Market Signals

EMA Study and Scanner Alert System

In 2018, we started designing a stock market listening backend system in our lab! We started by studying indicators based on technical algorithms for highest day trading return. We identified indicators as chart studies with 4  simple moving averages (SMA) and 5 exponential moving average (EMA) days algorithms. Then we  zoomed in and out for day trading and swing trading comparisons and then we tested the system and were able to fine tune best SMA and EMA combination alerts to our chart studies. We then duplicated the core of system scripts into designing scanners for DOW, Nasdaq, S&P500 indexes and SPDR, where it alerts on the stocks that are about to break out to the upside! We converted technical market data into market signals and now we share this system with you.

Market Moving Average Chart Study Scanner Alert System

EMA Crossover Alerts for all DOW and SPDR stocks charts
EMA crossover Alerts for current week stocks charts
Scanner for premarket
Scanner for float
Scanner Alert for crossover upside breakout for Nasdaq stocks
Scanner Alert for crossover upside breakout for DOW stocks
Scanner Alert for crossover upside breakout for S&P500 stocks
Scanner Alert for crossover upside breakout for Russell 1000 stocks

Technical Indicators

When you subscribe, we share buy alerts from our ALL ETFs scanner. They are sent every hour if any changes in last hour, showing which ETFs are on the move to the upside. You can subscribe to see other types of alerts for few weeks of trial.

Using our system, it will never require an investor to follow any sentiment, news, IPOs or glue to charts and monitors. Alerts come in and we review few minutes and we pick a few and get positions. I created the system for myself so less time is spent on the stock market and buy/sell efforts. This system furnishes a continuous ladder for tickers that are about to breakout to upside (most of them do, some might wait few days and they still will breakout, have patience and enjoy) and one can easily keep jumping the different ticker ladders to the upside.


For Index Alert subscription, Indicate letters in Index field below:
N = NASDQ 100
S = S&P 500
R = RUSSELL 1000
Example: NS for Nasdaq and S&P500 alerts.
All subscribers get ETF alerts every hour for free.
All other subscription are based on trial basis for few weeks and then it will be removed. You can purchase the subscription in product page.

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You can reach out to us and learn more about our product or service.

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